Hunting Methods

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The lay of the land and the habitat at LWE lends itself perfectly to alternative hunting methods may it be with , rifle, bow, crossbow or muzzle loader. Most of our hunting is “ walk spot and stalk” and we can get you into close quarters. There is nothing quite like being within 25 yards of a roaring stag or bugling elk


We also hunt from stands and blinds as appropriate to the day. Each individual hunter’s desires and physical abilities dictate how we tackle each day. Other factors may also dictate our course of action, for example where rain and inclement weather may steer us to blinds. For those whose physical condition may restrict the options but who still enjoy the call of the mountains, this can be the perfect choice


All hunters will enjoy the challenge of finding “the one that suits their fancy,” be it
a non-typical, long tined or heavy beamed trophy. Those hunting with bow or crossbow will find their excitement with both the pursuit of trophy game and the inherent skill required to move into close range, for that fatal shot.


Our vehicles are used to access the hunting area, but we tend to leave them tucked away during the chase. They are handy for accessing the more remote parks, the tops of the steeps and surely for return to the lodge following the day’s hike.