The quality of both the Red Deer and Elk at LWE are unmatched at any single location in the world. No other hunting venue can boast ever holding the record for both the world’s largest Elk and largest Stag. LWE not only accomplished this historic feat, but has broken both records in a single year.


In fact, LWE claims the most top 10 Elk and Red Deer in the SCI Record Book.

Manitoba & Rocky Mountain Elk

There are three primary ingredients necessary to grow impressive trophies; genetics, age and nutrition. The primary genetic present in the herd at LWE, stems from the Swan River region of Canada. This sub-species has historically produced large elk, with massive antlers. No bulls are harvested until they reach a minimum of six years of age and our herd is provided with exceptional nutrition through natural and supplemental food sources. It is only through our stringent management and intense selection practices that we are able to continually offer superior trophy class animals, to our clientele. For those elite few who are only seeking the “once in a lifetime” trophy, potentially immortalized within the record books, LWE offers a limited number of Super Record Class hunts, which guarantee placement in highest tiers of the record book.

Red Deer

Although we have been known best for our Manitoba elk we are equally proud of
our impressive and stately herd of Red Stag. Our red stag herd is again the result of intense genetic selection along with no harvesting until 5 or more years of age so that they have been given the time to reach their potential supported by excellent nutrition. A single species hunt may be booked for these regal creatures.

Our clients may choose our Elk and Stag combination hunt. There is special pricing for this unique package.