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The cover is mostly a mix of pines and thick hard wood forest with open sunlight meadows and lanes. The terrain is typical Laurentian mountains, large granite boulder outcrops on steep to rolling land to the valley bottoms of streams ponds and lakes.

Q2. What is the hunting style?

Principally we use spot and stalk We have facility to use blinds and tree stands. We can adapt to any clients requirements.

Q3. Will I definitely get my trophy?

There is no 100% absolute guarantee. If you do not shoot a trophy there is no trophy fee. BUT, we do guarantee to give you an opportunity. Guests rarely leave without harvesting their choice of trophy.

Q4. What weather should I be prepared for?

This is the Laurentian mountains. You should be prepared for all types of weather. It can range from very hot early season, some rain, through to snowing later in the season, and then there are the many days of perfect fall weather with warm days and cool nights.

Q5. What happens with trophy mounting and meat handling?

These are at your cost. If you do not have your own preference re taxidermy we can offer you one option in Canada and one in the US. As to meat, we have a local processor who we use to cut, process and pack into chiller boxes which you can take with you whether by air or your own transport or we can ship for you.

Q6. How do I get my own rifle/bow there.

You are able to bring your own weapon of choice with you. See the website or contact us for the appropriate forms to enable you to do this.

Q7. Do you have rifles and bows available if I do not wish to bring my own?

We have a suitable range of rifles available at LWE and our own crossbows for your use if required.

Q8. If I'm flying, how do I get there?

This is one of the keys to LWE. Montreal International with all its connections is less than 2 hours drive from LWE. The local airport La Macaza/Mont -Tremblant is 45 minutes away for private aircraft or a limited range of flights. We pick up and drop off to both airports at a fixed cost.

Q9. What is the style of lodging?

We have a luxury lodge with gourmet meals prepared by a resident chef. The 4 principal rooms for guests all have their own high class in-room facilities.

Q10. Is there cell phone and Internet coverage?

You will have full cell phone coverage and satellite Internet service.